Auto Completion

Feb 13, 2010 at 10:57 PM

Auto completion would be a great feature to add.  Right now you can <ctrl><space> to view a list of cmdlets, but it would be nice if <ctrl> <space> would recognize the cmdlet that I'm typing and <tab> would complete the cmdlet name. 

Additionally after typing the name of a cmdlet I don't seem to be able to see the parameters of a cmdlet by presing <ctl><space>, and I was wondering if this is a future feature?  I do however, get a list of the paramaters when typing the <dash>.

My environment is Server 2008 x86, Visual Studio Team Developer 2008 sp1, Powershell v1. Unlike others I have not had any problems with my environment since installation. 

I typically execute my ps1 scripts in the VS Command Window and view the output in the output window.  Here's an example command entered into the Command Window: Tools.Shell /o "cmd.exe" "/c powershell . 'c:\users\jsmith\documents\my powershell scripts\getlastinstalledfiles.ps1'"

Thanks for this package.